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The Procrastination Puzzle: DECODED

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What has procrastination cost you so far? What will it cost you in the next year or two if you don't make a big change? 

Stop paying the price for something you don't even want! Welcome to The Procrastination Puzzle: DECODED, where anyone can understand and undo the grip of putting off life's most important tasks.

The Numbers:

Procrastination has quadrupled in the last 40 years, with a quarter of people now claiming to be chronic offenders.

About 70 billion dollars is lost every year in the US economy due to procrastination.

64% of procrastinators report that putting things off has an "extreme negative effect" on their happiness. 

The Real Cost:

One out of five people procrastinates so badly that it's seriously impacting their career, relationships, and even health.

Procrastination is linked to higher levels of alcohol and drug abuse.

Procrastination is highly linked to anxiety, depression, and high impulsivity.

The average cost to a business per year due to procrastination is $10,396...PER EMPLOYEE!

The Solutions:

Beating yourself up doesn't work, but plenty of other options do:

  • Scientifically researched and validated methods for changing your habits and finally being someone of consistent action.

  • A support team including experts on the subject and others going through the same self-growth process as you are.

  • A cleanly structured, well-designed program that focuses on being user-friendly, foolproof, results-driven, and even fun!

  • Tools and tactics that allow you to customize the experience to your needs and preferences because no two people are the same.


The problem is real, but so are the solutions. Are you finally ready to take back your life and be proud of how you live it?

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Limited time offer: FREE!

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