Ultimind System Book

You are not alone, even when it does feel like it. Some of the most accomplished people have also been some of the most flawed:

  • Abraham Lincoln had serious depression.

  • Lady Gaga battles PTSD daily.

  • Tim Ferriss is open about past depression and even thoughts of suicide.

  • Tim “The Toolman” Allen has been to prison.

  • Martha Stewart has also been to prison.

  • Before he was the hottest actor in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. was a chronic drug addict.

  • And are your big goals taking longer than hoped to come about? You’re in decent company. Morgan Freeman didn’t land a big role until he was 52!

The point is, we all have our battles in life and having the proper weapons in hand is what allows us to triumph. I offer this Ultimind System to you as one of those weapons.

I’ll see you at the victory party.

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